Wealth from Options chronicles my journey to building my family’s wealth with options trading. I plan to cover returns, strategies I plan to use, lessons learned, and share resources I am personally using to continue to grow.

I am an engineer by profession, but have always been interested in finance, especially investing. When I was in college I tried the day trading thing for a short time. I was beginning to trade on margin with little to no income coming in. After having a couple losers in a row and getting that pit in my stomach that feels like you just lost a big hand in Black Jack, I realized it wasn’t for me. My investing transformed into the more common and conservative buy and hold approach. I figured I would have to build my wealth primarily through my wife and I increasing our salaries quicker than our expenses.

With a home and children, outpacing expenses can be pretty difficult at times. Our careers continued to grow, thankfully, but I wasn’t satisfied. I began thinking how to accelerate our wealth building. I dove into the world of real estate, thinking rental properties were going to be our answer, spending lots of time at Bigger Pockets and reading as much as I could. And while I am still very interested in getting more invested in real estate beyond our personal residence, it’s been difficult to find the right type of property for our location and goals.

Through a rabbit hole of podcasts, I found Option Alpha in September of 2020. As I had with real estate, I began to immerse myself in all of their learning materials. I loved the probabilities of the trading strategies. I found myself laying in bed at night with my mind going 100 mph just trying to take it all in — I was so excited for the possibilities! It’s not about getting home runs or predicting the market. If you’re disciplined, consistent, follow the rules, and make enough trades, the returns should come.

I’m just beginner in the world of options trading, and even in the bigger world of investing in general, to be honest. So please don’t follow what I do blindly. I hope that it inspires you to begin your journey of learning about this amazing form of investing that is often described as selling insurance or being the casino, not the gambler. Read up on the strategies, make sure you understand all the risks, and then begin to dip your toe in. If you do, I think you’ll find the water is just fine, as I am finding.